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When I think of Easter I have fond memories of the torture of fancy dresses, ridiculously large bows and horrifying hats. Yes, I was a tom boy.  Now that I have little ones of my own we celebrate with my Husband’s family. Easter dinner, egg hunts and the dreaded c.a.n.d.y. which is like a four letter word in our home.

The Easter Bunny that visits our house isn’t the same one that visits Nannie’s, that’s for sure. Our Easter bunny got a guilt trip for the four chocolate coins that were dropped into the baskets. Nannie’s Easter Bunny on the other hand loves chocolate… Speaking of chocolate, check out this awesome little Easter infographic that addresses just that:

Via Daily Infographic

I hope that if you celebrate Easter that you had a lovely day and that your children have dodged any sugar induced meltdowns.  Don’t worry, it’s almost bedtime, you can make all but a few small pieces disappear soon! At least, that’s my plan for the boy’s bedtime. ;)

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Melissa Barham

Web & Graphics Designer, Virtual Assistant at MelissaBarham.com
Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.
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About Melissa Barham

Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.


  1. somebody must have eaten a chocolate bunny … found only 17!

    happy easter everybody

    the demands for bunnies and parents get fewer when boys grow up … mine just got one bunny and a big easter egg and was very happy :)
    yes and the son thinks: eat the ears first :)

    btw. my grocery store had run out of easter stuff on the thursday before easter … ridiculous!
    helen recently posted…Happy Easter – Frohe Ostern …My Profile

    • You know, there are NO chocolate bunnies in our spoils! Little chocolate eggs and lots of those though. My boys are small enough still that if they had a bunny they’d think they were allowed to eat it at once.

      That is crazy about running out days before! I was at the store last night picking up apples to make a pie and the one I went to still had a good bit — That is when I caved and bought some chocolate coins. :) They were on sale and I figured that even if they eat all four at once they should still do okay and escape tummy aches. We just don’t do many sweets around here so when we do have them we really have to watch the kids.
      Melissa recently posted…Are you sharing yummy, juicy content with your fans?My Profile

    • they started to sell here about end of february.
      last monday they had had still plenty and i thought i wanted to buy some on thursday (coz i got money then!)

      when my son was little he was allowed to eat candy once a week, as much as he wanted (or as much as we bought for him, he just thought he wanted that much! :P) – worked well … now time is over to set up rules for that (15, teenager and taller than me)

      it is easier to handle them with candy when they are younger!
      helen recently posted…Happy Easter – Frohe Ostern …My Profile

  2. LOL I remember wearing those fluffy dresses and ridiculous hats too! Our boys are so lucky!

    We gave in and gave mostly candy in Nick’s Easter basket…but he is limited to one or two pieces per day and only as a treat.

    Hope you all had a great day!

  3. Alex Geeks says:

    I feel so sick after all chocolate bunnies from yesterday! I also love to start from the ears! Awesome infographics.

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