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Say what? Let me back up a step or two here….

This morning while drinking my coffee I stumbled over to Pinterest and searched “WAHM” just to see what would appear. (Am I the only one that is using Pinterest in place of Google these days?)

I discovered the SimpleMom website and good lord, if you haven’t been there yet RUN. They have FANTASTIC posts about working from home with children. I even had a good chuckle when I read this one — If you’ve liked me over on Facebook you may have seen that come across your FB Stream this AM. (If you haven’t liked my page on Facebook yet, these are the types of goodies you’re missing out on)!

Then, I came across a post talking about Eating Frogs that made some fantastic points.  When I read the quote and the post a little light bulb flickered on…

“Eat a live frog every morning,
and nothing worse will happen
to you the rest of the day.”

-Mark Twain

I love my job, I love being able to stay home with my boys and work a schedule that works the best for my family. However, working as a VA I do a wide variety of tasks. I’ll be the first to admit there are some tasks my clients send over that I don’t enjoy — that is ANY job though and I’m still grateful to complete them… even if all of the sudden this task makes my ‘job’ as a VA feel like a ‘real job’ again that is totally okay.

Working from home regardless of what you do can be overwhelming at times, especially when we have frogs lying around the office just waiting for us to eat them. (Great visual, huh? My boys would be in heaven it if were true).

I’m going to get back to eating my frogs in the mornings rather than the afternoon. How about yourself? If you struggle with this to be sure to read this post over at SimpleMom —>  Start Your Day By Eating a Frog You’ll find some great tips for writing down your to-do’s and then picking out your important tasks and eating your frogs.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need go find my frog and eat it. ;)

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Melissa Barham

Web & Graphics Designer, Virtual Assistant at MelissaBarham.com
Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.
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About Melissa Barham

Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.


  1. I tried it this morning and it worked! I was even more ready to eat the frog, knowing how I would feel when it was done.
    Linda Luke recently posted…Remembering Who You Are and What You Are Capable OfMy Profile

    • I’m glad it worked out for you Linda! I always feel so much better when I just ‘eat’ the darn frogs! The rest of the day is just a breeze instead of being filled with dread and procrastination.

      Thanks for stopping in again. :)
      Melissa recently posted…My UBC GoalsMy Profile

  2. I love this! :D

  3. Oh, that big, ugly, smelly frog I’ve been avoiding for a month! Yes, I have to eat it, d@^^ it!
    Eleni Poulakou recently posted…Zeus, Poseidon, Prehistoric Sea Men & Gods in GreeceMy Profile

  4. did you eat your frog with ketchup or salsa?

    can.t find a vegetarian frog :P
    helen recently posted…What do Blog Readers love?My Profile

    • LOL Helen, I’m literally laughing out loud over here. I think I’d have to go with salsa for sure. :)

      Missy, totally know what you mean… it’s so much better to just get it done well and be able to move forward through the day without that stress!

    • my kid would prefer his with mayonnaise
      and i forgot to ask: aren.t we supposed to kiss frogs? and hope that they will magically switch to princes?
      helen recently posted…Hold your breath – GASPMy Profile

    • Helen, that was great. I’d have to go with salsa… I could eat salsa on almost anything… We go through a big jar of salsa about 5x faster than ketchup in this house. I guess swap the frog for the worst veggie out there. ;)

      Michelle, It IS so much better. The rest of the day just breezes by!
      Melissa recently posted…Join Me on the Ultimate Blog Challenge!My Profile

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