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WordPress 3.5 Broke Your Blog

So, you’ve updated to WordPress 3.5 but now you’re freaking out a bit because now that you’re up to date you’re trying to write a blog post and… oh. my. gosh…

  1. You can’t add or access your Media
  2. You can’t add a link
  3. You can’t even access the old HTML tab which is now labeled… “Text”?

Also…. You realize, while you rock at posting on your on blog that, well, in all honest you really aren’t the geeky-coding type person and you’re not sure where to start or even what to search for to figure out how to rescue your broken blog…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  (It’s okay I know how you feel, that used to be me too).

I ran updates for my clients over the weekend and everything seemed hunky dory until I got a message on New Years Eve letting me know something was up on one of my clients sites.

After quickly logging into the website with the issue sure enough it was having problems with the Media menu, adding links and accessing the ‘text’ tab.

I did a bit of digging and found several other people with this issue, it’s actually a very common error with the 3.5 upgrade — One of the updates in this upgrade was another change in the way that some of the JavaScript is processed.

Some users are having issues with just the media buttons, others with just the ‘Text’ tab or using buttons in their WYSIWYG editors. There is a temporary fix if you’re having any of these issues, you’ll need to access your Core WordPress files via your File Manager or FTP to try this little patch.

Before you think of making any changes to ANY core files in
your WordPress site it’s important to have a backup.

Please, do not attempt to make these changes
unless your website has been fully  backed up.

Any changes that you make to your core files are made at
your own risk.  I can not be held responsible for any
errors that may occur if you use these code snippets.

Log into your cPanel and access your file manager. You’ll need to find your WordPress website’s folder and in that main folder there is a file called ‘wp-config.php’ open that to edit it. You’re going to want to scroll down to the bottom portion of the file and look for this line of code:

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Now, just above that line add this:

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

It’s really, REALLY important that you don’t add or delete anything else.
An extra character (or one removed) can cause havoc on your blog.

Save your file and keep your cPanel/File Manager open just in case you need to restore the original wp-config.php file. Open a new tab or window and test out your WordPress site to see if your problem has been resolved.

If you’re not comfortable editing your wp-config.php file ask your Virtual Assistant or even another blogging friend who maybe more comfortable making a change of this type. I can not stress enough how important having a backup of your website is. Please, make sure you have a backup before making any modifications to core files. You’ll never be sorry you had an extra back up, you’ll only be sorry you didn’t have one.

Happy Blogging!


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Melissa Barham

Web & Graphics Designer, Virtual Assistant at MelissaBarham.com
Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.
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About Melissa Barham

Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.


  1. I am having some issues with my site, but on the actual live blog posts. I recently upgraded to WP 3.5. Not sure if that is the problem, as I just noticed it today. I think I upgraded a couple days ago. Do you know anyone else having issues like this?

    Here is what the first lines of each posts now show:
    “Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /homepages/2/d348704705/htdocs/JackieBledsoeWordpress/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/sharebar/sharebar.php on line 112 and defined in /homepages/2/d348704705/htdocs/JackieBledsoeWordpress/wordpress/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 990”

    In addition there is like 3 lines of that same text at the top of my site above the header. The don’t show on the home page. Common?
    jbledsoejr recently posted…Your 2012 Is The Set Up For An Amazing 2013My Profile

    • I deactivated my Sharebar (By Monjurul Dolon), and that did the trick. Now I probably need to find a new sharebar. Any suggestions?
      jbledsoejr recently posted…Beat The Blizzard With Some Family FunMy Profile

    • Jackie, I’m glad you found the culprit! Sometimes it can be tricky pinpointing what the actual problem is.

      If you’re looking to replace Sharebar for the time being look into Digg Digg, it serves the same function with the same type of placement/style. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/digg-digg/ If you’re not digging Digg Digg (ha, ha!) once you get it installed then just watch for updates for Sharebar. Once there’s an update you can always try deactivating Digg Digg and reactivating Sharebar to see if they’ve resolved the issue. :)

      Thanks for dropping in.

      Melissa recently posted…Yes, Failure *IS* Progress!My Profile

  2. Thanks Melissa, will try this on my client sites… I am having real issues with a Timely plugin on my eBook site, it’s adding ‘doing-wpcron’ and random numbers onto the URL’s, have deactivated it for the time being but I think this is an issue with them rather than WP!
    Jo Harrison recently posted…Paperback or eBook?My Profile

  3. This totally saved me! Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa!!! You rock, my friend!!! Woot!!!
    Kimberly ~ Gypsy recently posted…Thank You 2012My Profile

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Hi Melissa, I have the problems that you listed above. I’m so disappointed as I signed up to be in in the January UBC Blog challenge and now I’m way behind due to this problem. I’ve been trying everything online that I have read and still no solution. It has been about eight days now of chaos with this problem.

    I tried your solution above and it didn’t work. Since my blog upgraded to wordpress 3.5, the media library does not work properly. I have no way to post links and if I add an image (which I can), I can’t add text with it even if I set the image to the right or left when I write, it makes the text shift and it looks terrible.

    Something is really wrong and everything I’ve applied from wordpress support forums doesn’t seem to help either.
    I’ve deactivated all the plug-ins, cleared the cache, checked in other browsers, used different themes all to no avail. I dumped my Get Social plug-in too.

    I used “Use Google Libraries” and it still didn’t help with restoring the ability to link, etc.

    Any thoughts? I really want to be in the UBC but I’m running out of time with this problem. Thank you. Carol
    carol recently posted…Women of Ghana Shea Butter: Work of the Heart. Art of the Hands.My Profile

    • Carol,

      If you’ve tried several different things you may want to try re-installing WordPress 3.5 then trying the above fix again. Do you have backups of your website accessible?

      Also, you noted you cleared your cache which is good, did you clear it out after trying the above fix?

      Melissa recently posted…How to Create a link to Share Content on LinkedINMy Profile

    • Hi Melissa,

      I just finished re-installing WordPress 3.5 and then tried the fix again as you mentioned. I do have backups of my blog. I also cleared the cache again after trying the fix but it’s still the same.

      Some buttons work on my visual editor but the add media button shows but doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do with proper placement of image and then won’t cooperate with text. Nor do I have the links button working.

      Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it a lot as I think I’ve tried almost everything that I’ve read on wordpress forum supports and online help but many of us are out there struggling with this issue.

      Best, Carol
      carol recently posted…Women of Ghana Shea Butter: Work of the Heart. Art of the Hands.My Profile

    • Carol,

      If you want to email me your installation specifics using the contact page (list your host, theme and plugins) I might be able to help you trouble shoot a little further.

      Melissa recently posted…A Look Back at Social Media in 2012My Profile

  6. This worked perfectly! thank you so much, cant believe that line fixed all my problems. Thanks for putting this tip out

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