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While it’s great to share content with your fans and followers it’s important that you’re doing it in an appropriate manner. I think it’s probably safe to say that most of us have been guilty of sharing cartoons and images without permission from the artist/author or without leaving links to their original sources. Perhaps at the time you just didn’t have a clue where the original source was or, maybe you were in a rush or you figured it was ‘okay’ to share the image/article without linking to it because ‘it’s just social media’ and it ‘doesn’t really matter’…. (yikes!)

If you’ve ever had your content “borrowed,” “copied,” or just completely hi-jacked you know it feels pretty awful to see your original works of art (or your web content) posted somewhere else without any sort of permission or even credit pointing back to you as the creator or author. Let’s stop doing that, really, it’s just not acceptable.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to try to track down a source and see what their policies are for sharing their content. If you can’t find rules listed on their website just zip them an email. 99.9% of the time they’ll be happy to let you share their goodies with a link back to their original article. In the case that they decline just remember to be respectful and move on. 

Do you need some help locating an image source?

Google’s “Search by Image” is a great tool, let me show you how it works:

1). Open Google’s website and click “Image” in the top menu (or click here):

Hop over to Google's website and click on 2). Open the the image you’re trying to find in a seperate window. Now, left click on the image and DRAG it into the Google Image Search box:

Left click on the image (and hold) then drag into the search box on the Google Image Search Page.

3). Google will load your search results and if you’re lucky your image’s source will appear within the first couple choices:

Google's Results - Success

4). SUCCESS! Now, you have the image source that you can ‘Pin’ or share on Facebook:

Now you can share the original image's source and fully credit the creator.If you have an image on your computer that you need to find the source for you can actually upload it to google and search for that too. Here is a quick video from Google on how the Image Search feature works:

Finding the source to your images should really only take a few moments. Sometimes you have to dig to locate them but most of the time it’s as simple as the drag and drop I’ve shown you above. :) Now, no more sharing cartoons on Facebook without permission or links and definitely no more re-pinning tutorials that lead to weight-loss pills or work at home scams!


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Melissa Barham

Web & Graphics Designer, Virtual Assistant at MelissaBarham.com
Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.
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About Melissa Barham

Work at home mom, wife and social media junkie. I Provide small businesses with WordPress and Graphics Design along with DIY WordPress Tips & Training.


  1. Great tips Melissa! I never knew this tip about finding the source to an image that lies in my hard drive by uploading it to Google – Awesome :)

    Having said that I use Stock images and I have a paid subscription with Deposit Photos. I even went back to post no. 1 to change the images I lifted from Google images :)
    Jane recently posted…Organizing Your Workspace To Increase Blogging ProductivityMy Profile

  2. Very cool tips. I had no idea you could search images like that.
    I usually pull images from PowerPoint. However, if I use something online (that’s not from a free resource), I’m cognizant of giving credit where credit is due.
    Thanks much.
    Debra Jason recently posted…*YAWN* Does Your Call-to-Action Put Readers to Sleep?My Profile

  3. Bummer, right? That’s why I always make sure to add the link of the image as a caption.

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